A Genuine Appeal for Reinstatement of AdSense Account after Invalid Traffic Ban

A Genuine Appeal for Reinstatement of AdSense Account after Invalid Traffic Ban

Hi, When your adsense got disabled and you want to apply for adsense appeal below is the format. just copy and fill the your information and send to google adsense team.



Note that there’s no guarantee that your account will be reinstated.


Subject: A Genuine Appeal for Reinstatement of AdSense Account after Invalid Traffic Ban


Dear AdSense Support Team,

I hope this message finds you well. Today marks the one-year anniversary since I started my journey with AdSense, and I am writing to you with a mix of gratitude, reflection, and a sincere request for reconsideration.


Over the past year, I have worked tirelessly to create valuable and engaging content for my audience. My website, [Your Website Name], has been a labor of love, and AdSense has played an integral role in supporting the growth and sustainability of this venture. However, I recently received the disheartening news that my AdSense account has been suspended due to invalid traffic concerns.


I understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of the AdSense network, and I want to assure you that I have always adhered to the program policies and guidelines. Nevertheless, I find myself facing the consequences of invalid traffic that I was unaware of and certainly did not intentionally generate.


I have thoroughly reviewed the AdSense policies and guidelines, trying to identify any unintentional missteps that may have led to this situation. I recognize the gravity of the issue at hand and would like to take this opportunity to provide a detailed account of my actions, steps taken, and my commitment to preventing such incidents in the future.


  1. Traffic Analysis: 

    I have conducted a comprehensive analysis of my website’s traffic using tools such as Google Analytics. My investigation revealed unusual patterns that could potentially be attributed to invalid traffic. I understand the importance of genuine user engagement, and I am committed to rectifying any issues that may have led to the invalid traffic concerns.


  2. Review of Ad Placements: 

    I have carefully reviewed the ad placements on my website to ensure compliance with AdSense policies. I have made adjustments to the placement and visibility of ads to create a seamless and non-intrusive user experience.


  3. User Engagement Measures: 

    To address potential sources of invalid traffic, I have implemented additional measures to enhance user engagement and interaction on my website. This includes improving content quality, implementing user feedback mechanisms, and actively participating in relevant online communities.


  4. AdSense Policy Education: 

    Recognizing the dynamic nature of online advertising, I have invested time in staying updated on AdSense policies. I am committed to ongoing education to ensure a continued understanding of the program’s requirements and expectations.


  5. Third-Party Audits: 

    In an effort to provide transparency and assurance, I am open to third-party audits of my website’s traffic and advertising practices. I believe this would further demonstrate my commitment to maintaining a clean and trustworthy online environment.


I understand the severity of invalid traffic issues and the impact they can have on the AdSense ecosystem. I genuinely value the partnership with AdSense and the opportunities it has provided me. My goal is to rectify any issues promptly and work collaboratively with the AdSense team to reinstate my account.


I kindly request a thorough review of my appeal, taking into consideration the steps I have outlined to address the concerns raised. I am more than willing to provide any additional information or clarification needed to facilitate a fair and informed decision.


Thank you for your time, understanding, and consideration. I look forward to the opportunity to continue our partnership and contribute positively to the AdSense community.



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